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Big Shoutout

December 14, 2011

As many readers here may realize, I really don’t blog much about Podcasts as often as I should. I want to recommend people to view Owen’s website (who has commented on my website in the past) Podcast Reviews Blog. He’s got it well organized, the content is great, and updates frequently. If you have enjoyed my website in the past, Owen does a great job with podcasts out there right now. I’ll be reviewing some new podcasts I’ve been listening to over the past few months and will be taking some podcasts from the suggestions to review.

More Reader’s Reviews

December 13, 2011

Here is what Greenwichmean says about “The Old Oilhouse

The Old Oilhouse is a Transformers podcast (or as they put it, transformers as a gateway drug podcast) that deals mostly with the community surrounding the franchise, and having what sounds like a great time. Recently I’ve seen people commenting on the forums that have no real interest in transformers, but love other 80′s memories.
What they put out each month is a weekly round-up show, roundtables on almost any subject, a fantastic bit of fun called Iacon 101 and many more.
If you want to have a chuckle, or fondly remember the 80′s, I can’t recommend Adam, Rob and Stu enough.

I agree with this review. Hands down, it’s a trip down memory lane of the 80’s. Very well produced. Good job guys.

Oh, and by the way, if you have an iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, or even WebOS, check out Stitcher. It is a great way of listening to your podcasts and audio shows. I love it so much, I’ve been listening to some of my favorite podcasts on it, including This American Life, This Week in Tech, and Radiolab.

Our next review is from James, who reviewed The Alpha Dude Podcast:

I always check out the latest psychology podcasts, with an interest in social dynamics and applied psychology its hard to find some good stuff out there without ending up at some ‘dating podcast’ or NLP101 type thing where they spend an episode spouting at how good they are, perhaps give away one tiny tip then state if you want more organise some highly expensive coaching…
Then I found ‘The Alpha Dude Podcast’ by Michael Pulser, and I was sceptical at first given the name but when I got into it – its quite addictive and I got a lot out of it – from learning psychological warfare, social dynamics, heaps of cool psychology things and then how to be a human lie detector (a segment that goes through it step by step at the end of each show.) This would be the single best podcast I have heard where I got a lot out of it and enjoyed it.
The only con is the production – it is not professional – but that seems to be part of the charm – its not commercial, not selling anything and the podcaster is happy to chat to people without charging or pushing something. This is the first review of a podcast I have done, the main reason I did it is that he has helped me, thought I’d pay it forward. Check it out!

Happy to hear of independent podcasters who will make quality content without caring so much about the production value (which can be somewhat of a hype at times). My issue is that the website doesn’t seem to find the audio file, so you may have to go to their iTunes link instead. Also, this podcast hasn’t updated in over a year, so beware that there may not be any new episodes anymore.

Thanks again to fans of podcasts and people who wrote those reviews. If you want to be heard on the website, please write reviews in our Reader’s Reviews page. If you have a podcast to suggest, go to our suggestions page. Keep listening to podcasts.

Reader’s Choice

February 21, 2011

Ken writes to us about Talk Stew.

Talk Stew is a weekly podcast that I’ve been listening to for a while and it hasn’t failed to deliver in the laugh department or the entertainment department. Stew, KO and Mark the Pickleman have good chemistry and a good time as they cover their regular segments: WTF, Tip of the Week, Something Good in Your Mouth, A-hole of the Week, amongst others. Interspersed with the segments are current events , some celebrity chat, tales from Stew and KO’s Marine Corps days and general chat all brought to you in an irreverent but knowledgeable style.
I highly recommend you check it out. The more you listen and get to know the guys on the show, the better it gets.

And here is Kevin B. talking about his favorite podcast called Stack of Dimes:

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to find the best podcast personal companion to help me get through the insufferable two hour commute I make every day to work and home. I got tired of the angry guys, the bigoted guys and the sarcastic guys, then quite by accident I found Stack of Dimes and I was ‘converted’. They’re funny, a little self-deprecating and a LOT of fun. I’m on a campaign to get their facebook subscribers up to 500 (it’s at about 300 now) because they’ve committed to all of us that once they reach 500 they’re going to release a really cheesy video they made when they were in high school. I love this podcast and now I am a “man on a mission”. Give them a listen.

Thanks for your reviews guys. And if you want to write a personal review, you can too. Go over to “Reader’s Reviews,” and it will be featured on the site. More reviews to come soon, probably shorter than before.

Reader’s Reviews

April 13, 2010

There’s only so much time in the day to listen, so I though to share some reader’s comments on some podcasts they love or want to share.

Brian Bondragazon writes, “I’ve recently found a podcast I love, and thought you might want to check it out…. it’s called ‘Reel Pour’ and I found it on itunes. What they do is go and see a movie in theaters every week and then pair a bottle of wine with it based on a couple of different factors. Then they open the bottle and taste it on air describing what they taste (which is really interesting by itself), and discuss both the movie and the wine, then review both. It’s really interesting and I’m even learning about wine with them being condescending. You can really feel their passions for both wine and movies. I’m also a fan of Filmspotting, Creative Screen writing magazine podcast, the classic tales podcast, the moth podcast and a bunch of others.”

Reel Pour Podcast Website

Tumbleweed writes, “Cult of Personality Podcast is a comedic show that covers a variety of pop culture topics. We have talked about TV show spin-offs, movie remakes, debated the best titles and sports names, created our own holiday and theme restaurant and even made up fake products on the fly. Usually funny and always vulgar, the hosts each try to bring their own perspectives to the topic at hand. We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoy recording. And remember, Cult of Personality Podcast…it’s better than a kick in the nuts.”

Cult of Personality Podcast Website

And finally, Josh writes, “The same group of guys that brought you the Metal Rules! Magazine in the 90’s, now have a radio show. Metal Rules Radio interviews musicians/personalities in the metal music community, reviews song submissions from up and coming artists, and has fun discussing a variety of topics every show. New episodes are posted every Sunday.”

Metal Rules Radio Website

Also, I’m opening up a page to share podcasts you love and do some regular segment on this, so that way there’s a wider range of podcasts to go through.

Spilled Milk

April 12, 2010

Whenever you want to hear people cooking without actually participating, you should listen to Spilled Milk. Matthew Amster-Burton and Molly Wizenberg host this show with a comedic edge and sarcastically teasing the audience with food. Each show, the hosts bring up a food topic or specialty dish, like Milk Shakes or Junk Food, and shares some of the food they bought or made and eat it. They also share recipes on their blog. The two hosts share a genuine conversation of this food since each comes from a different background. Audio quality is great and the tangents do make a portion of the show. But no matter, the show is edited quite well and excellent to listen to while cooking or walking or commuting. It’s the comedic edge that really makes this show and really mellows one out after a hard day at work.

What really draws me into this show is that it’s relate able. The hosts are funny and witty in their own way, but it also reminds me of my family’s traditions according to food and the junk food I used to eat as a kid. It’s true to itself and makes others reminisce.

The show is updated weekly, or so, and can be found on iTunes or their website.

Spilled Milk