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smART History: Postmodern critique

February 17, 2009
Plate from Judy Chicagos Dinner Party

Plate from Judy Chicago's Dinner Party

I just finished listening to smART History, hosted by Beth Harris and Steven Zucker. They discuss about Art History, and the particular episode I listened to, about Postmodern Art. They try to take away the ordinary western art history textbook and bring on a different perspective on Art, and sure do tell you about it because they seem knowledgeable and very devoted to art history. With my background in Art History, I understand that they try to bring new information to these old relics, paintings, and other mediums of art for the everyday common person to understand what the piece is and why it is significant. For me, it just helps me further my understanding of artists I know, and learn about pieces I may have not seen before. So give this podcast a listen, and be enlightened about strange wonders of the history of art. I certainly was entertained for the 10-12 minutes of them talking.

Pieces shown in the particular episode I wathced: Roy Lichtenstein’s Girl with Ball, 1961 (Museum of Modern Art)
Judy Chicago’s Dinner Party, 1974-79 (Brooklyn Museum of Art)
Richard Serra’s Torqued Ellipses, 1996-2000 (Dia, Beacon)

smART History

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