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TWIT: Not just an audio show

February 19, 2009

If you haven’t given it a listen, you must tune in to TWIT, This Week in Tech. It’s a live show produced and hosted by Leo Laporte who has a long past with broadcasting, like hosting “The Screensavers” on TechTV. If you want more exclusive shows about technology, he does other live shows all throughout the week, which includes a live video stream through StickAm, though if you go to his site,, you’ll find past shows of all of the shows he hosts, as well as others host. But you don’t have to take my word for it, if you think I’m so entranced by TWIT, there’s over 3,000 viewers for the live show every Sunday around 3:00 pm. There are always guests on that are known in the tech community, like John C. Dvorak, Patrick Norton, Jason Calacanis, and others. The show really pulls through by its community, and has a strong following. So why not give it a listen — you don’t have to be a tech aficionado to enjoy the show.



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