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P Bear: Modern Music Groover

February 25, 2009

P Bear, which is short for Podington Bear, is a content creator. More specifically, he is an artist who has a  great sense of music, or sounds if you’d like to call it that. Before I go on, you may ask why this bear is a man. Well, it turns out Chad Crouch‘s goal of creating 156 songs in one year, which he didn’t make, but did it in 18 months, and was interviewed on Rocketboom (Reviewed yesterday) Couch helps run a record label, Hush records, and created Podington Bear to meet his goal of a songwriting marathon. I really love the music Podington Bear creates, and his remixes are really something, not the usual editing of most remixes these days that add more beats and bass for that club feeling. His ten disc bot set is on sale for $29.99, and I personally bought one just because I enjoy the music that much more.

Season 2 is temporarily suspended due to R&D because Podington Bear wants to investigate the podcast dealing since podcasts are delivered like magazines, and the P Bear wants to give more high quality content so “bear” with him. But use this chance to check out any of his previous work from season one, the 156 songs, or his remixes, or even what he’s released for season 2.

Podington Bear

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