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The Alcove With Mark Molaro: Interviews You’re Missing

February 26, 2009

Mark Molaro interviews a wide array of politicians, authors, and broadcasters from both sides of the argument, whether it is a hot science issue, political parties, or filmmakers with a different aspect of documentaries. The people he interviews is very peculiar in that that aren’t the usual talking heads of our regular media outlets, e.g. television or radio, but rather appeal to a smaller niche of people, but their message is more relevent and important for the US citizen, or even anybody for that matter.

When he interviewed Rachel Grady and Heidi Ewing, filmmakers who are known best for “Jesus Camp” and “The Boys of Baraka,” two excellent films I may add that I recommend, they give us a taste of how leaving out opinion in documentaries and leaving the audience to decide how to feel about a situation or controversy, as shown with Jesus Camp. They do not directly say this, but I get it that it’s what they intended to do with the film. What they did say was that the film reflected on how they felt on the topic, which left most of the audience who saw that film ask what was the overall message, which in reality, it’s a self-reflection for the audience to ask themselves what the film meant to them.

There’s usually no set time for frequency on which this program updates, but it’s safe to say there might be an interview once a month or so, but don’t always count on it. Also, if you want to explore the show, definately watch some of the past interviews. I suggest also Naomi Klein, author of “The Shock Doctrine,” Rick Shenkman, author of “Just How Stupid Are We?” and Byron Hurt, director of “Hip Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes,” which can all be found on their page.

The Alcove with Mark Molaro

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