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Mahalo Daily: Have you ever been to

March 2, 2009 is a human generated search engine in between Google and Wikipedia. Its founder, Jason Calacanis, decided to create a web show alongside the website, which would be a three to five minute show that could reflect on a part of the website entries. Enter the show “Mahalo Daily,” a video podcast hosted by Leah D’Emilio, previously Veronica Belmont. After 5 months in, Veronica decided to pursue other opportunities at Revision3 and Qore, so the staff at Mahalo decided to turn to the users to see, and vote, on who would be the next host called Mahalo Idol, a spin-off of American Idol. Without much viewing, Leah D’Emilio won the contest and is now the host of Mahalo Daily, alongside Lon Harris.

Every Friday Mahalo Daily does a segment called This Week in YouTube in which Leah and Lon highlight the week’s top YouTube clips and makes it sound like the Colbert Report, which is reflected by the series of one-liner jokes they have. But in no way does this reflect upon everything Mahalo Daily does. They also do man-on-the-street interviews, 60 second recaps of special events, they go to award shows, and a bunch of do-it-yourself videos, or self help clips, on how to better your life. You’ll be educated in more ways than possibly imagined, while having fun and exploring their site.

Though they used to do it daily, Mahalo Daily is on at least twice a week, and you can rate and subscribe to their YouTube channel.

UPDATE: Mahalo Daily’s host, Leah D’Emilio just had her last show on Friday. The future of the show is still unclear.

Mahalo Daily

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