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This American Life

March 6, 2009

Haven’t heard of NPR? Or maybe you have, but don’t ever listen to it? Well National Public Radio broadcasts “This American Life” every week and posts them online every Sunday. The host, Ira Glass, started presenting this show back in 1995, then called “Your Radio Playhouse,” and is still hosting it today. This show still remains one of the best I have heard because it brings the voices of people worldwide and the program shares the strange diversity we all have, not with ethnicity, but with experiences. This show delivers true stories and gives us an insight on the “average American,” or what we all realize that there is no average — every person has some strange story buried deep inside of them.

There are numerous guests that rings some bells, including David Sedaris, Sarah Vowell, and David Rakoff. The journalism that comes from this radio show is spectacular, and closer to reality than mainstream news channels or television shows. A television show also came out of this podcast, hosted by Ira Glass, on Showtime. Check out season one, or watch a trailer of the show on the bottom of this post. Also, season two just came out as well. If you have an hour of commute, then this is the perfect podcast to listen to.

This American Life


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