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Loaded from CNET TV

March 9, 2009

Loaded is a daily show from CNET TV, Monday through Thursday, bringing you your tech news of the day. It’s host, Natalie Del Conte, is a respectable journalist who started with TeXtra and was a frequent guest host in Cranky Geeks. When she was offered a job at CNET in New York City, she decided to move over there and start Loaded.

Even though CNET is now owned by CBS, Natalie spends everyday finding and scripting daily tech news for everyone. But don’t think this show as just your normal, typical news show, it’s a show with a dedicated community that emails to Natalie their concerns or opinions when she asks her viewers questions about particular stories.

Tech News is a broad spectrum of news, and seeing that you’re using the Internet to read this story, you have some knowledge of technology. Some of the news includes Internet news, so if there’s a new law, or a new change from major websites, you can bet that Loaded will give you the headline. Also, the community from the audience gives the show a good vibe to it, staying hip and fresh. If you want a birthday shout out, they do those too. It’s short, concise, and to the point.

Loaded @ CNET TV

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