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Wine Library TV – Wine for Non-Connoisseurs

March 11, 2009

Gary Vaynerchuk (VAY NER CHUK) is the energized host of Wine Library TV and suggests wines to his audience by taste testing it on camera. He tries to break stereotypes and misconceptions of the wine world and breaks down wine like how Jim Cramer breaks down stocks on CNBC. Gary loves what he does and definitely shows it by bringing the thunder. There are definitely certain things I’ve learned about the wine world, in that those so called experts aren’t are just full of themselves when it comes to suggesting good wine and bad wine, when in reality good wine is only good if you’ve expanded your pallet – tasting all sorts of food and drinks that would complement the bottle of wine.

Besides the video blog, there is also a store, wine library, that sells wine with good company satisfaction and customer service. Not to sell the actual product to the audience, but the website is a good source for wine online.

The reason this show deserves a good review is the guests. The number of guests that Gary has is staggering, and makes the show so much better. Top guys in the wine world come on his show as guests and they talk about the tasting and flavors of the wine and wine industry and Gary seems to get them to agree with him about debunking the myths and common techniques of wine connoisseurs. The guests are definitely worth watching for and the show is frequent, around a few every week.

Wine Library TV

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