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Pop17: Internet Fame but not Fortune

March 12, 2009

If you’re on the Internet and watch the minimal YouTube videos, you must know some stars like Tay Zonday, What the Buck, or the Evolution of Dance. Sarah Austin, host of Pop17, breaks down Internet celebrity culture for the public. Internet fame is strange and foreign compared to our real world celebrities counterparts. Sarah Austin was one of the first lifecasters who has experience with Internet fame and brings people the news of how Internet celebrities are made, how to become Internet famous, and who exactly is Internet famous.

But where there is fame, there is blunder, and in some episodes of Pop17, Sarah explores the downfall of some Internet celebrities, like Jennifer Ringley of JenniCAM. JenniCAM was a live camera in Jennifer’s room that would be live almost 24/7 and for a fee by Paypal, you could watch her in her everyday activities, like sitting at her computer, or watch her do more lascivious things. It was evidentually shut down because Paypal didn’t want to be apart of her exploits, which led to her downfall on the Internet.

Pop17 is live every week, so go to Pop17’s website below.

Pop 17

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