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No Agenda

March 13, 2009

The two hosts, John C. Dvorak and Adam Curry share a few similar interests, but disagree in everything else. It’s “No Agenda,” a show that preaches about not having an agenda. This is a show with conspiracies, crazy crackpot ideas, and buzz-killing all widely known beliefs or “facts.” It’s a show that doesn’t side with a political agenda and says that the whole political system is just bogus and there’s indifference between both party lines in the US, and that all of the world’s governments are aligning together, though each country is trying to save itself, especially in these times of crisis. Yes, if you haven’t guessed it already, No Agenda is a show that delivers completely alternative news that’s actually relevant to our lives, and ignoring the completely ludicrous news outlets with their obsession with celebrities.

It ‘s hard to explain this show to people who don’t see themselves beyond calling themselves and Democrat or Republican, so you can see this show as two guys blathering about nonsense. However, if you’re into completely insane ideas about government and politics, this show is for you. In fact, if you “sheeple” will just wake up, maybe these two guys aren’t the crazy ones and that we are all, in turn, crazy nuts after all. Anyhow, listen to an episode of this show and see what you think. It’s just a preferable show if you have a bit of a crazy, conspiracy thinking mindset.

No Agenda is release every Thursday and Sunday “in the morning.”

No Agenda


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