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Diggnation – Drunken Dudes with Interesting Stories

March 16, 2009 is a social news website dedicated to bringing news dugg by the Digg community. Kevin Rose, one of the co-founders of Digg, hosts a show alongside Alex Albrecht, called Diggnation, a mixture of Digg stories and booze. Kevin and Alex sit on their couch with their laptops open, with a 6-pack, and talk about relevant news picked out by the Digg community.

Digg is a social news website  aggregated with news the community feels is important. With the show branching off from the website, there’s always strange and weird stories Kevin and Alex talk about, whether it’s video games or a 85 year old grandmother who shoots her burglars with a shotgun. But all kidding aside, it’s just fun to watch two dudes get drunk and try to be serious, when they’re obviously drunken people. That’s not to say they get drunk in all of their episodes — they do occasionally drink tea, or even nothing, for the show just because keeping a weekly drinking habit is hard sometimes.

Diggnation is released every Wednesday. Check out their live show this week at SXSW.


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