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The Onion Radio News

March 17, 2009

The Onion is a fake newspaper that delivers an actual paper and a website full of Onion articles that parodies what’s going on in today’s news, keeping the comedy away from being too conservative or too liberal. iTunes rated it as one of the top podcasts of the year: The Onion Radio News. Sounding like real news radio, the Onion radio news is laugh-out-loud funny, ranging from a bunch of news sections like Sports, Business, and Professional CEO Boxing. (No affiliated with the PCEOB)

Not being a regular listener, the Onion Radio News is an on/off thing I listen to. It’s funny for the moment, but it doesn’t pack a second punch. It’s laughable, but that’s it. There’s nothing else to it; you just continue with your day and not wonder about the most ridiculous story you heard from the Onion Radio News. But that’s the thing, if you want cheap, funny humor, the Onion definitely makes you grin, or chuckle, or laugh outrageously.

Doyle Redland sometimes hosts the show, unless the show talks about robots taking over the human race. Then it’s a robot host hosting the show. This show is released daily.

And if you want another opinion, listen or read Edgy’s Podcast Reviews‘ on this podcast.

The Onion Radio News

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