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Cranky Geeks

March 19, 2009

Cranky Geeks is a tech talk show with John C. Dvorak and three panelists, one almost always being co-crank Sebastian Rupley. Their panelists vary every week and they’re always cranky — hence the show. They have a bunch of stories to talk about it and really debate the topic, grinding it into the guts of the listeners. But really, Cranky Geeks has no real structure, just a talk show about tech. You’ll enjoy the show if you don’t enjoy very structured formats of tech talk.

This tech show is different than the ones I’ve previously interviewed, though it does sound a lot like TWiT. However, instead of the host yammering with the show, Dvorak takes a step back and lets the panelists go at it. He may moderate the talk by making the conversation go forward, but he doesn’t try to bang his head into the debate, and that’s what really makes this show different.

John C. Dvorak also does other podcasts, including No Agenda and TWiT (Previously reviewed). Go to to find what he is up to.

Cranky Geeks is release weekly, or every so often, and can be found on iTunes or their website.

Cranky Geeks

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