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Buzz Out Loud

March 23, 2009

Buzz Out Loud is daily show with some of headlines of tech news. Now, before I continue, I know I’ve reviewed so many tech shows like TWiT, Loaded, Net@Night, Cranky Geeks, and Tekzilla, but each of of these shows differ in presentation and some subject matter. But all in all, they are still very good shows. BOL, Buzz Out Loud, is a CNet show about the headline news brought to you currently by a few hosts: Tom Merritt, Natali Del Conte, and Jason Howell. Just this year, Molly Wood stepped down from hosting this show daily and now is hosting weekly. These people are all professionals and love what they do and talk about what they love the most — tech. Everyday, they never run out of steam talking about what is today’s headline in the world of technology. They have a bunch of guests come on the show sometimes, including Brian Cooley, Caroline McCarthy, Dave the Psychologist, Veronica Belmont, Erica Ogg, John McKenna, Leo Laporte, Rafe Needleman, Randall Bennett, and Shalin. During the recording, they are on live here and have been running this podcast for over 900 episodes.

You bet this is one of the top classic podcast that received iTunes’ best podcast awards, or acknowledgment, whichever one you like, and have been through multiple hosts. Even though the show may not have some of the original hosts, this show still have a bunch of steam full of people ready to talk tech. The difference between this show and TWiT is that if you want the conversation to be more serious and to the point, you’ll definitely get the tech news you want for the day. TWiT is more of a casual conversation and more relaxed with its audience.

If you don’t take my work for it, BOL has its own wiki page. Dedicated fans of the show has helped build a whole community for those who love the show. So why don’t you jump on this “bandwagon” and listen to BOL daily, from Monday to Friday, and tell me what you think by commenting below.

Buzz Out Loud

*update: Live stream every weekday at 10:30 am here.

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