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Jake and Amir

March 24, 2009

For the uninitiated, un-ace people out there, Jake and Amir are a sketch comedy duo who creates really funny videos. They are co-workers, “best friends,” and “gullies for life.” Amir plays the dumb stupid co-worker while Jake is the co-worker that wants Amir out of his life. And that’s the story. Plus, they include other people from the office to guest on their little production. As interviewed on Rocketboom (Review), Jake and Amir write their own sketches through AIM chats and going in and out of character, or switching characters. Sometimes, there are special episode arcs like “Hallie,” which was a few episodes about how Amir got a girlfriend, Hallie, who was going out with Jake. Jake got jealous, and they switched characters as the episodes progressed. I’m  not going to ruin the ending to those episodes, so watch it and laugh as the situation becomes a brouhaha.

The idea came up when these two were making videos for “Hardly Working” on the Collegehumor website. Soon, they broke off of the Collegehumor site and uploaded their videos to Vimeo where there was a fan base, as well as on their website. Increase in popularity from word of the Internet and live shows have brought them do this show a few times every week. Ever since Collegehumor got the OK from MTV for a television show, Jake and Amir episodes have been available on Collegehumor again, and on the iTunes store, so I can call this a “podcast” if I want to.

Jake and Amir

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