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March 25, 2009

commandN is a show hosted by Amber MacArthur and Will Pate, with segments from Jeff MacArthur. Also, there’s the camera man and director of production, Chris Dick. All together, they host a Canadian tech show called commandN that speaks for an international tech community. They cover headlines, as does many other tech shows reviewed on this website that can be found under Tech in categories, as well as website picks of the week. Also, Jeff MacAthur brings us a segment about projects he may be working on or special announcement news from the tech community. All in all, this is a very well produced podcast or video show. It comes from people who worked in the broadcasting community for some time that also loves Tech. Now, why choose this podcast over the other ones I reviewed? Well, the international aspect of this show brings us news to a broader spectrum of people, and if that’s what you want, as well as excellent production value, then commandN is defiantly for you.

Watch commandN every week on Friday, though it seems to be on Wednesday sometimes, but you can bet it comes out weekly.


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