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March 26, 2009

Comedy4Cast is a light humor comedy show from Clinton Alvord who has many running jokes that you can catch up with if you listen to older episodes. This show was very well received by the Podcast Peer Awards, as well as highly ranked on iTunes, so I decided to investigate a while back. I think I finally get what this show is about. Each show follows some theme, and it’s like a show on radio, but through a podcast. Clinton does these characters, I think, and develops a whole situation following this theme. Clinton also tries to bring about new trends, like making corporate meetings use a word, “dogear.” If that isn’t ridiculous enough, just listen to the actual show  with his humorous sketches and voice acting. And after the show, he brings us an after-the-show special, including listener call ins by the Comedy4Cast hot line, as well as present us a virtual table you can grab or leave things on. (The table of random things)

If you like a lighter humor that’s not so dirty as all those comedians on Comedy Central, give Comedy4Cast a listen. It’s something different than your normal television sketch comedy shows, and is great for listening on the commute everyday. It comes out weekly on some specific day.


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