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dekePod – Revealing the Power of Photoshop

March 27, 2009

In the crazy world of Photoshop, there’s a few that try to “know it all.” Enter Deke Mccleland, an author for O’Reilly that has tons of books on Photoshop. He’s a Photoshop fanatic that knows all of the back doors of Photoshop and knows how to utilize its power. He hosts this every once a week podcast called dekePod. He claims that this is a unfiltered, uncensored show that he produces to show his advanced Photoshop techniques to those Photoshop lovers. He shows very neat techniques for Photoshop and skips all of the beginner steps. He speaks very quickly and demonstrates his techniques with pictures to help you along. If your just a beginner in Photoshop, don’t try to understand what he says in the videos. Instead, read up on Photoshop first and understand how to do the basics. Then when you want to be advanced, you can see what techniques you can acquire with Deke’s help. That’s what he’s there for, but in his own, bombastic manner.

dekePod is a once every two week show that comes out on iTunes and the website. Go there or his own personal website to learn more about Photoshop.



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