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Beyond the Trailer

March 30, 2009

Beyond the Trailer is part of the Indy Mogul channel and I think that it’s a great show for reviews from people that come right out of the theater. And this man on the street interview is a great angle for movies I want to watch, but don’t think it’s worth my money. (Yes, I’m sort of a cheap arse) Anyhow, this show also features a feature called Movie Math, that sums up box office numbers and comparisons of those numbers. Grace Randolph, the host of the show, knows the background of the movie industry and just lets the people talk about their opinions on the movie they just watched.

After watching the review on the movie, I usually make a good decision not to watch most movies that come out of it. It usually sways my opinion not to watch certain new movies just because most of them aren’t up to my expectations. Let this show speak to you and watch this show with some caution: the people coming out of the movie are people that spent money on the movie they’re going to watch, so even they were expecting something out of the movie. People on the street aren’t experts or opinion makers for the masses, so take all reviews cautiously.

Beyond the Trailer comes on every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with new movies.

Beyond the Trailer

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