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The Digg Reel – Why even watch if you can find it on Digg?

March 31, 2009

This is my first podcast that I’m not satisfied with. I watched the first episode of “The Digg Reel” when it first came out. The host, Andrew Bancroft, isn’t that fit to host a show like this. He sounds more like a guy who could have been an MTV ’90s DJ, but not a host of the top videos you can find by just looking at the top dugg videos of the week. The follow-up jokes aren’t that funny and it’s probably not worth your time watching this show. Part of the Revision3 network, which it really shouldn’t, the show is still well produced, though it’s for watching the low quality viral videos. Anyhow, I suggest you shouldn’t watch this video. Instead, watch Mahalo Daily‘s (Review) This Week in YouTube, which highlights the YouTube videos and memes of the week that has better humor.

The Digg Reel is out every week.

The Digg Reel

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