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Undemocratic Hitlist

April 6, 2009

Albert Lee Fizz is your personal DJ for the Undemocratic Hitlist. Thanks to Albert himself for the suggestion. I listened to the 25th show, which had the following playlist.

  • 01 (01) CHRIS TRAPPER – wish I was cool
    02 (03) IRENE B – are you the one for me?
    03 (02) JIM BOGGIA – three weeks shy
    04 (NEW) ANDRE WILLIAMS – can you deal with it?
    05 (04) JEFF COFFEY – secret love affair
    06 (08) ROLO’S POCKET – don’t stop
    07 (05) KEVIN BURDICK – three choices
    08 (10) LITTLE PLASTIC STARS – giving up never felt so good
    09 (NEW) HELLO DAVE – perfect day
    10 (06) CAVASHAWN – out of my mind

There are a few very interesting choices here. I really enjoyed #10, 8, 6, 5, 3, 2. Besides the songs though, they play a game called the hit test with Jan Polet, who gives Albert a snippet of songs and he must guess what the songs are. It’s fun to listen to because I recognize the songs, but the small snippets aren’t enough to guess for me. Albert really knows his stuff, and he knows how to choose songs from the podsafe network. Occasionally, the artists will try to give themselves a plug on his podcast, which is reasonable since these artists are all “underground,” self-promoting themselves any way possible. Albert also adds tiny news stories here and there between songs. He’s an excellent host and DJ and I recommend you give his podcast a listen. His tagline: “Forget record sales, forget airplay, forget downloads!” It’s brought to you by the No Tie Generation Campus.

The Undemocratic Hitlist is a monthly show and can be found on iTunes, as well as his website.

The Undemocratic Hitlist

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