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Sex With Emily [Explicit]

April 7, 2009

I’ve been holding this podcast back, mostly because I thought it was defunct, but there have been recent activity on Sex With Emily. Initially a podcast, then a radio show, Emily Moore is the host of the San Francisco, Bay Area based show all about sex, from every angle you can think of. (No pun intended) Currently the show is back to interview/podcast form where there’s no radio show, but let that not draw you away. While the length may not be as long, the interviews and one-to-one time is great. Emily is a great host with no boundaries, and is open to what her guests say. A year ago, I was listening to the old radio clips, and they were great, but it seemed to draw too short and were full of commercials after the conversation seemed to gain some sort of traction. Now that it’s not a radio show anymore, we get more host to interviewee interaction.

Now, here’s a word of warning that I should clarify: there’s no sex during the show. However, most of the material is explicit, so children should not listen to the show. What this show is instead is to demystify misconceptions about sex and the world of romance. The motto of the show is “saving the world one orgasm at a time.” Take, for example, online dating. What’s to avoid and what’s to explore with it? Well, this podcast expresses opinion and interviews people who specialize and build careers around these topics. If you’re interested in spicing up your sex life or just bored of the same failing techniques of dating, give this podcast a listen — you might even open up to things you haven’t considered yet.

Sex With Emily is on an unpredicted pattern of when new shows are up, but there’s more than 80 episodes of which some are accessible. Give it a listen.

Sex With Emily

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