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Podfinder UK

April 9, 2009

You may know me now as someone who reviews podcasts, but there have been so many before me. For example, if you check out the interesting blogs, there are 3 particular blogs, certainly more, that reviews podcasts and university lectures that you should definitely read. They’re excellent. But once in a while, you’ll come across a podcast reviewing show, and that’s exactly what Podfinder UK is all about — a podcast show in video format, even though a whole bunch of podcasts are audio. Josephine Lawrence, the host, gives you 5 to 6 podcasts each month, which has stalled since last August, top or unknown podcasts to review, but moreover to suggest to their audience. There are some podcasts I have found by listening to this show. Certainly you should give this show a moment of your time if you’ve given me this much time.

I’d like to thank everybody now who has viewed this blog. I’ve noticed spikes here and there due to plugs from other podcasts or the subject matter. Thanks again, and don’t be shy. Leave a comment.

Podfinder UK

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