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Behind the Bar Show

April 14, 2009

If I ever really wanted to learn how to mix drinks, or learn some tricks of the bartender, then I’ll turn to Mr. Martini, who hosts Behind the Bar Show. I’m a fan of the show and love to hear what Mr. Martini has to say about certain drinks. Each episode, he dissects a drink and tells us the content of alcohol, what kind of drinks you could make with it, and my favorite, a historical look at the drink. He answers listener questions and he guests hosts some other podcasts. If you want to learn more about exquisite drinks, or want to become more of a James Bond when it comes to drinks, then Mr. Martini’s got you covered.

When it comes to liquor, Mr. Martini knows it. He’s not really a bartender, but he has the skills of one, and that’s legitimate enough for me. I’m entertained by this podcast and am learning about great drinks for parties or just knowing what to order in the bar. If you think you want to learn more about alcohol, liquor, or different mix drinks, give Behind the Bar Show a listen.

Behind the Bar Show

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