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Food Science

April 15, 2009

Dr. Kiki Sanford offers a show all about food and science! Food Science is part of the ON network and is currently stalled at the moment, but I watch previous episodes from time to time and learn a lot about the scientific facts of the food I eat and the processes in which they are made. Think of it as that high school science video they showed you in class, but up-to-date that speaks to our social trend. It’s not rocket science, it’s food science, and it’s not that hard to follow. However, I have to be quite frank. I have a background in science and mathematics, so I understand Dr. Kiki’s concepts much better than normal people. To give more credible advice, I showed the show to a more right brain person, and they understood it alright. I think that we can understand this show because it’s related to the food we eat all of the time. For example, Dr. Kiki explains why a egg pops in a microwave.

Because the show is stalled for now, I suggest watching the older episodes either from downloading them on iTunes or going directly to the website at the ON Networks page.

Food Science

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