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How To With Madeline Merced — DIY How to Girl

April 16, 2009

Early on in trying to find podcasts, I tried what the regular user did and searched the top iTunes list. One of the subcategories was food, and this show came up, or at least a branch off show. Well it turns out, the larger show is called How To with Madeline Merced, or How to Girl. Madeline has made it up the internet ranks to reach national television, making appearances on Rachael Ray show and NBC 15. However, it’s not about television at all — it’s the DIY aspect that makes her so appealing. Madeline’s show is pretty much a DIY show mainly for girls, though I’ve picked up a few tips along the way, especially with food.

Her tips keeps you up to date with the latest in fashion, cooking, fitness, diet, entertainment, and more. She uses tips she has learned from her life and answers everyone’s common questions. The show is well produced but there hasn’t been many updates in a while. However, there are over 100 episodes available for people who wants to learn how to do it themselves when it comes to everyday problems. I’m betting that you can find a solution to a number of your problems by watching one of her episodes.

Real Dream Productions makes these videos, which is a small operation with Madeline Merced and Eric Wyeth. There’s my plug for that production.

How to Girl

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