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Zaproot – A Green Way of Living

April 17, 2009

Zaproot is a green oriented show about environmental issues and developing environmental news. It’s hosted by New Zealander Jessica Williamson, and produced by people with interesting backgrounds, Damien Somerset and Sarah Szalavitz. Damien is known for managing Viropop, a whole network with green shows, and editor of Ask a Ninja. Sarah is “the Director of Content Development for Veoh Networks” and has consulted for many video sites such as Next New Networks and also produces Alive in Baghdad and Awkward Sex Stories.

With produces with good backgrounds, you’d expect them to make a show that’s well produced and delivers excellent content. And they do just that. Even if you’re a skeptic about global warming, the show focuses on being environmentally friendly. I mean that there’s still pollution and water contamination to worry about, not to mention water shortages and limiting supply of coal and petroleum. Zaproot helps put this all in context and updates us on developing actions done by organizations, governments, and shuns those who are harming more than they should.

Environmental issues may seem politically left or right, depending on how you put it, but it all comes to persuading our policymakers to actually do something about the problem. Plus, it’s not just all about politics now — don’t forget the small organizations. Zaproot isn’t part of any political agenda I know, but give it a chance and watch the recent episode on their website.


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