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nilpod with Nicky Coghlan and Wil McDermott

April 23, 2009

The nilpod is an excellent show about two guys talking in free form. Nicky Coghlan and Wil McDermott are two friends who are asking each other questions open ended that they wouldn’t ask without the audio recording equipment. Their curiosity allows the audience to really engage in the show because it’s quite unscripted.

Besides the jingles, nilpod provides you classic conversations without any angry voices in peaceful tones. I had to laugh at some of the stories these guys have to talk about. If you enjoy just listening to get to know your hosts, this is your show.Some episodes are themed shows, so they like to change it up every week. These guys are full of conversation and full of restlessness. They put so much in the show for more viewers, so please, if you like this show, please subscribe.

And if you want another opinion, listen or read Edgy’s Podcast Reviews‘ take on this podcast.


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