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Epic Fu

April 27, 2009

What happens when you mix tech, the web, and music? You get the show Epic Fu, hosted by Zadi Diaz. Rather than just talking tech, Epic Fu generated a community where viewers can interact with others and compete for high scores in flash games. The other part of the show, besides the tech, is indie music. Zadi chooses great bands and singers/songwriters for her show and plays the music video for a segment they call “Sh*t we like.” I love their recommendations; I’ve found many bands through this show. Every show starts out with some tech news or something on the web or artist web community doing something for the web-like story. They also have a segment in which they give the golden finger to somebody they will interview or will do a whole segment about.

Overall, the show is consistent and very coherent. Epic Fu has brought on their own brand, if you will, and they speak for their viewers. Zadi is a very amiable host and you will enjoy the show in one segment or another because you don’t get all of these factors mixed in any other show. (tech, web and music)

Epic Fu

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