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TWIS: This Week in Science

April 28, 2009

Both a radio show and a podcast, This Week in Science is hosted by Kirsten Sanford and Justin Jackson. The two hosts drive the show to go on and have been since 1999, which shapes the show and presents professionality. Just like Buzz out Loud and This Week in Tech, the show is live. But unlike those shows, the show’s format doesn’t follow a panelist style. Instead, it’s really the reliability of the hosts that you’ll love if you enjoy this show. If you don’t like the hosts’ style of presenting the show, which I have read some iTunes reviews have presented, then the show probably won’t be right for you.

The show is still excellent to my tastes. I don’t enjoy a very structured show at times, because then they will sound like a news station. TWiS delivers to that taste of mine. That doesn’t mean they don’t deliver science, because they definitely do. In fact, unlike TWiT, they do talk more science news. It feels like an intellectual conversation as well; I really think when they talk about new findings and discovery.

TWiS is live on Tuesdays on KDVS 90.3FM. You can call in and talk to the hosts.

This Week in Science

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