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April 29, 2009

untitledFor those of you who missed The 1Up Show when it ended last year, the guys have moved over to the Revision3 network in a new show called CO-OP. “The CO-OP team is made up of: Cesar Quintero, Matt Chandronait, Jay “JayFresh” Frechette, Ryan O’Donnell, Jason Bertrand and Rob Bowen.” CO-OP reviews games every week and shows you game play and listen to the hosts’ conversation on the game, just like the 1UP Show. These guys love gaming and can’t get enough of it where ever they go. I recently watched the episode where they follow up on their day at the Game Developers’ Conference. It was intriguing and watching the indie games that they previewed were amazing. In fact, I love the way they review because it’s an informal way they talk about games. Because they are on Internet television instead of networks, they don’t have to worry about anybody telling them what they can and can’t review or what they can or can’t say. (Because it’s also not the 1Up Show anymore.) I think Revision3 made an excellent decision to take in this show.


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