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April 30, 2009

What would you want from “The Greatest Internet Radio Talk Show, ever?” If you answered SomaCow, you must’ve read my mind, or just the headline. The premise of the show is to listen to three guys, Geoff, Mickey, and J talk about whatever comes to their head and includes music. They broadcast live every Friday between 7:00pm to 10:00pm.

Mickey, one of the hosts, asked me to review the show, so I listened to the most recent show, episode 316. I love their jingles and their really strange rants. Well, they’re not strange because the conversation sounded like the Adam Carolla Show, but with no guests. I’m just considering if this show’s explicit or not, but I’m not going to tag it like that because they don’t cuss their way through the conversation. The first rant that I was surprised about, but then later found myself laughing at, was their conversation about the gay community and Perez Hilton. I found it so extraordinary that they just couldn’t stop, and that’s a great radio show. Then they moved on with fake news like the Daily Show, but in radio announcement style. Then they discussed one of the stories, about President Obama giving the British DVDs. Then there was an interesting conversation about pie. Anyhow, I love this show a bunch, though I’d rather watch this show live instead of listening to back episodes. But it’s a great show to listen to on the go if you can’t watch it live. So give it a listen.


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