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Shows I Enjoyed This Week

May 1, 2009

Every week or so I’ll try to do a segment of shows I’ve listened to this week. I’ll pick my favorite episodes and share them with you. Most of these shows are shows I have reviewed in the past, so you can follow up on some of the reviews I’ve already given. I’ll try to publish this every weekend, though I’m doing it today on Friday because I accidentally posted two reviews on Tuesday.

TWiT 192: I loved the show this week. Unlike last week’s screw up, being a bit tipsy and all, Leo and his way too many guests started out the show talking about Swine Flu, which I thought really makes this show current. Every time they have Calacanis on with the Audible commercial makes me laugh. Not a text message lol, but an actual laugh.

Gnooze: April 28th, 2009: Swine Flu, US military violates pact with Iraqi soldiers, and Mars rover’s technical difficulties have nothing on Gnooze’s new intro. I mean it’s amazing; just because of that, please check it out.

TED: Check out Sarah Jones and her many impressions. She’s eight women in one, plus a whole mouthful of talent and improv. It’s bound to make you laugh.

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    I have also recently reviewed This Week in Tech on my site:

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