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Lawrence Lessig Podcast

May 5, 2009

When you wonder about the problem about Internet privacy and creative commons, you must listen or watch the Lawrence Lessig Podcast. Lawrence “is a Professor of Law at Stanford Law School and founder of the school’s Center for Internet and Society.” He is rejoining Harvard Law school soon and is devoting his work of figuring how to end a certain type of “corruption.” But I really like the focus of his earlier work, especially with the laws of cyberspace. I own a copy of his book Code 2.0 and am understanding more on the codes and conduct government, copyright, and record industries have and what measures we should take for a better benefit. Recently, the trial for the Pirate Bay ended and the judge found them guilty, though the judge had a relation with the copyright industry. So what does that amount to? Listen to Lawrence Lessig, who has been doing work with this before the Napster case and during the early ages of the Internet, and you’ll see a different picture of copyright and cyberspace. His presentations are more than an eye opener, you should try to perceive what he’s going with his presentation and you should evaluate and incorporate his message across all Internet platforms.

Currently, though, he’s shifted his focus towards types of corruption found in government, or what might be construed as corruption, and try to find a fix. If you’re interested in that, stay tune for his recent episodes.

Lawrence Lessig Podcast

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