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Alive in Baghdad

May 6, 2009

When you talk about journalism and the media, many people overlook Main Stream Media and forget about other smaller outlets. Alive in Baghdad gives the viewer a close look at the war-torn city and the people living there and tries to tell the story of the civilians trying to live each day like the rest of us. This program has intrigued me time and again and has repeated reminded me that there is a world beyond my city, and for that matter, beyond my country. Iraq may be labeled as a dangerous place, but traveling around, understanding that there are many differences between third-world countries and industrial countries, we all want peace and we all seem to want some form of democracy. Alive in Baghdad gives the citizens of Baghdad a voice in their program and wants to humanize and empathize with the people living there. These people describe the typical day in their lives, as well as the hardships and loss they may have faced. The journalists working for Alive in Baghdad risk their lives reporting the news of what is happening there, and it’s easy to forget that. Please watch and consider donating them some money because it brings us news we usually can’t get on television.

Here is their mission statement: Alive in Baghdad is empowering Iraqis to share their stories with the world, and provides a place of education and interaction for global citizens interested in the real life political, military, economic and social situation in Iraq.”

Alive With Baghdad

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