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Moblogic: A retrospective

May 8, 2009

CBS interactive decided to sign on the politics show for the web: Moblogic. Host Lindsay Campbell goes out to the street and does man-on-the-street interviews. What made this show really great was the questions were current and definitely intriguing. However, CBS or the producers decided to nuke the show. However, this show was still good for its time, but probably too soon. If you watch some of the back episodes, you’ll see that the show travelled around and asked the locals what they thought about certain issues. Lindsay really tries to give each side of the debate a voice and tries to a fair chance with the sexes. The community is the show’s backbone, so the producers and the editors tried to communicate with the community. If there’s something that should happen with the show, it’s to continue making them. But I doubt it. What I see right now is another web show that could really communicate with the community and not in a mass form. Mainstream media should take this idea, so if you work for them, please try to revive this show or other shows like this. Please.


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