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Modern Manner’s Guy Quick and Dirty Tips For A More Polite Life

May 12, 2009

The next Quick and Dirty Tips show I want to review is Modern Manner’s Guy for a more polite life, hosted by Trent Armstrong. This is perfect for understanding our personal behaviors and how we should act in certain situations without being improper, perhaps towards your boss or a dinner guest. In a world of sophistication, we all want to present ourselves mannerly towards the important people in life, our boss, our family, our friends, so it’s easy to overlook and act out of our way. Modern Manners guy, previously Mr. Manners, gives us tips that can help our everyday situations from turning sour. How should I act in the bathroom? How do I treat guests at a party I’m hosting? How should I act if I’m the guests? And many more questions can be answered through the easy tips given by Modern Manners Guy. We all need to be a little more courteous, so please give it a listen.

Modern Manner’s Guy For a More Polite Life

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