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This Week in Fun: TWIF

August 3, 2009

Enough with tech on the TWiT network. This Week in Fun is a netcast is brought to you by Sarah Lane and Martin Sargent, which is now a downloadable podcast from iTunes as an mp3. Instead of news that makes you depressed, listen to this show and you get fun. Fun, fun, and fun. You will laugh at their hilarious games, news stories, and banter. Stop listening to NPR and listen to TWiF to get the opposite of the major depression, fluctuations of the stock market, and specifications of tech gadgets. Maybe you’ll hear about a divorcee getting a “bad present” from an angry divorcer. Sometimes, you’ll get odd ball news that you won’t find anywhere else, which probably means on Also, if you like parallel structure, they play a game or two every week like Tweet Beat, which takes the topics from Twitter and see which topic had more tweets during the week.

You can also check it out on every Friday at 3pm. You can take a break from your week on Friday and have some fun, with This Week in Fun. Or put it on your iPod and listen in the car, on commute, or for relaxing.

This Week in Fun

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