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East Meets West

August 10, 2009

East Meets West is a podcast with for this show Tom Merritt and Roger Chang that has nothing to do with tech. They started the show well before No Agenda started, so they oftentimes note that they came up with this idea of no tech talk first.

The show is quite random, so you don’t really know what to expect on next week’s show. They’ll sometimes get very political, like their recent episode about Sarah Palin’s resignation, or talk about different types of soda. But nevertheless, the show is both intriguing and provocative as both of them have a different perspective to bring to the floor.

East Meets West explains two viewpoints from east, where Tom grew up in, and West, where Roger grew up in, hence the name of the show. With this combination, you get a more interesting set-up for these two hosts as they explore the random topics they conceive. The show is not too long, with most of them around thirty minutes, which is perfect for commute or listening while shopping. It’s the perfect podcast for those who both want something interesting to listen to besides the boring news, or if your interested in television shows, soda, etc. So lay bay, or go shopping, and listen to East Meets West, which updates every week.

East Meets West

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