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Blog Action Day 2009: Climate Change

October 15, 2009

Today is blog action day. It’s to unite blogs and help inform people about an important issue. This year is global warming, so I encourage everyone to visit Blog Action Day 2009 and learn more about climate change through podcasts and further research.

Climate change affects everyone in the world. One nature program I love that sometimes brings up this issue is TERRA, which I reviewed earlier this year. Go to the link and check out my review. I care deeply about global pollution and toxins going into our atmosphere. This week, This Week in Science talked about CO2 levels today being just as high as today nearly 15 million years ago. Maybe there’s a correlation somewhere.

On a different note, next month, I will make an effort to blog every weekday, so those requesting I review their podcasts will get a respectful review.

So go check out Blog Action Day and if you have a blog, do your part in joining the cause.

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  1. October 17, 2009 8:53 AM

    Awesome blog!

    I thought about starting my own blog too but I’m just too lazy so, I guess Ill just have to keep checking yours out.

  2. October 30, 2009 4:59 PM

    Hey there,

    My name is Chris Crookall and I’ve been podcasting for over a year, I’m a co-host on theicepodcast our show seems to have now become quite succesfull, we recently receieved a positive review from The Podcast Place website and have just interviewed Coverville’s host Brian Ibbott on the show. I spotted your blog from the Edgy Podcast review site, and was wondering if you had any time would give our show a listen, maybe even review us or at least tp get some feedback from yourself. Anyhow thanks for taking the time to read this. Hope you have the time to check us out.

    Chris Crookall.

    • October 31, 2009 10:35 PM

      I’d be happy to review your show. I have a long list of other podcasts to listen to, but I’ll definitely get to yours.

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