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Food Wishes Video Recipes

February 4, 2010

Chef John hosts his show and runs his own blog called Food Wishes. The video tutorials from Food Wishes are spectacular and the recipes are amazing. I don’t just say that because I like to watch people cook, I have attempted to make some of the recipes, though most of the time I’m usually missing one key ingredient, so I make a mock-up dish. What’s great about the video podcast is that Chef John is an excellent host and has a great voice anyone can follow along to, with his own witty humor, not to mention how I get suckered into viewing the fabulous entree at the end of the video.

If you want to learn how to cook and want to learn from viewing videos, I definitely suggest Food Wishes just because it is well produced, it has excellent audio quality, not like some YouTube videos out there who don’t use a proper mic. But if you’re not into cooking, Food Wishes also runs tutorials that teach one to properly eat, like the this video below that shows how to eat chicken wings.

This video went viral and currently has a million views. Go check out Food Wishes at their blog and from their podcast. This podcast is updated once or more and week.

Also follow Chef John on Twitter @FoodWishes

Food Wishes

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