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KEXP Song of the Day

April 9, 2010

KEXP in Seattle brings us excellent the podcast, “Song of the day” with various artists from all over the world. Specifically, KEXP plays independent music ranging from Pop to Folk. Some artists that have been featured on the podcast have turned out to be some of my favorite bands to listen to. Last week, they had Broken Social Scene‘s single from their next album featured. There are no interruptions in the song, no ads, and the quality is great, especially for audiophiles (192 kbps mp3 files). They retain a high-ranking on the iTunes top podcasts and always deliver an artist I’ve never heard of, but I follow-up on later.

You can discover music too, every day. I’ve learned about Vampire Weekend, Yeasayer, Phoenix, and many others from this podcast, and I haven’t been greatly disappointed. But with every music aficionado, I don’t like everything I hear. There are some artists I’ve never heard of that I don’t like too much, but KEXP usually hits my tastes more than 90% of the time.

The podcast is daily from Monday to Friday, and the list of upcoming artists is listed on their blog. You can subscribe with iTunes or any other “podcatcher” program.

KEXP Song of the Day

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