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Spilled Milk

April 12, 2010

Whenever you want to hear people cooking without actually participating, you should listen to Spilled Milk. Matthew Amster-Burton and Molly Wizenberg host this show with a comedic edge and sarcastically teasing the audience with food. Each show, the hosts bring up a food topic or specialty dish, like Milk Shakes or Junk Food, and shares some of the food they bought or made and eat it. They also share recipes on their blog. The two hosts share a genuine conversation of this food since each comes from a different background. Audio quality is great and the tangents do make a portion of the show. But no matter, the show is edited quite well and excellent to listen to while cooking or walking or commuting. It’s the comedic edge that really makes this show and really mellows one out after a hard day at work.

What really draws me into this show is that it’s relate able. The hosts are funny and witty in their own way, but it also reminds me of my family’s traditions according to food and the junk food I used to eat as a kid. It’s true to itself and makes others reminisce.

The show is updated weekly, or so, and can be found on iTunes or their website.

Spilled Milk

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