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December 13, 2011

Here is what Greenwichmean says about “The Old Oilhouse

The Old Oilhouse is a Transformers podcast (or as they put it, transformers as a gateway drug podcast) that deals mostly with the community surrounding the franchise, and having what sounds like a great time. Recently I’ve seen people commenting on the forums that have no real interest in transformers, but love other 80′s memories.
What they put out each month is a weekly round-up show, roundtables on almost any subject, a fantastic bit of fun called Iacon 101 and many more.
If you want to have a chuckle, or fondly remember the 80′s, I can’t recommend Adam, Rob and Stu enough.

I agree with this review. Hands down, it’s a trip down memory lane of the 80’s. Very well produced. Good job guys.

Oh, and by the way, if you have an iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, or even WebOS, check out Stitcher. It is a great way of listening to your podcasts and audio shows. I love it so much, I’ve been listening to some of my favorite podcasts on it, including This American Life, This Week in Tech, and Radiolab.

Our next review is from James, who reviewed The Alpha Dude Podcast:

I always check out the latest psychology podcasts, with an interest in social dynamics and applied psychology its hard to find some good stuff out there without ending up at some ‘dating podcast’ or NLP101 type thing where they spend an episode spouting at how good they are, perhaps give away one tiny tip then state if you want more organise some highly expensive coaching…
Then I found ‘The Alpha Dude Podcast’ by Michael Pulser, and I was sceptical at first given the name but when I got into it – its quite addictive and I got a lot out of it – from learning psychological warfare, social dynamics, heaps of cool psychology things and then how to be a human lie detector (a segment that goes through it step by step at the end of each show.) This would be the single best podcast I have heard where I got a lot out of it and enjoyed it.
The only con is the production – it is not professional – but that seems to be part of the charm – its not commercial, not selling anything and the podcaster is happy to chat to people without charging or pushing something. This is the first review of a podcast I have done, the main reason I did it is that he has helped me, thought I’d pay it forward. Check it out!

Happy to hear of independent podcasters who will make quality content without caring so much about the production value (which can be somewhat of a hype at times). My issue is that the website doesn’t seem to find the audio file, so you may have to go to their iTunes link instead. Also, this podcast hasn’t updated in over a year, so beware that there may not be any new episodes anymore.

Thanks again to fans of podcasts and people who wrote those reviews. If you want to be heard on the website, please write reviews in our Reader’s Reviews page. If you have a podcast to suggest, go to our suggestions page. Keep listening to podcasts.

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